What is DAS?

DAS, or distributed antenna systems is a term coined to differentiate smaller cell solutions from larger or macro cell sites. These have been renamed, or rebranded as small cells then as HetNets, or heterogeneous networks. While the names are pretty impressive, the end game is still creating a solution to your RF problem. We create RF Solutions that meet all the definitions and have been doing it for years in really cool places. Our staff has been treated to solve RF problems in some of the most recognizable places including:

  • T-Mobile Park Qwest Field
  • CenturyLink Field
  • UW Campus
  • WSU Campus
  • Carrier office complexes and retail stores
  • Health Care Campuses
  • Public and private convention areas

Our skill sets involve solving RF dilemmas rather than just building more powerful infrastructure. This provides economic  choices for the client and aesthetic options for land or building owners. From micro cells in Magnolia to the roaring of the 12th Man at CenturyLink Field, our RF Solutions team is really your source for problem solving options.